About us

We are one of the largest private property owners in Ostrobothnia and have been operating on the property market for approximately 25 years. Our core business idea is to own properties and to rent them out at competitive prices as private homes, offices, business premises and for industrial use.

Our premises vary in size ranging from the smallest, about 25m2, to the largest, of about 7,300 m2.
In total, the property our company owns would cover an area of tens of hectares.

Our goal is to tailor rental properties to suit the customers requirements and to sign long-term rental contracts with them.

For example, in 2014 we made new investments and carried out renovation projects in Vaasa and Mustasaari municipalities to the value of tens of millions of euros.

In 2017, we continued to expand by investing in approx. 20 hectares of asphalted industrial parks and approx. 40,000 m2 of property, in cities such as Esbo, Kokkola, Mustasaari and Vaasa. In this case, it was national listed companies which sold off their property assets and continue to occupy and work from the premises by renting them.

Today we have several hundred tenants, consisting of residents of our apartment blocks, as well as other customers who rent premises, such as: Legal firms, pharmacies, banks, temp agencies, florists, bookkeeping firms, IT companies, electrical component manufacturers, estate agents, hairdressers, associations, gyms, construction companies, aid organizations, medical centres, environmental companies, gift shops, fur farmers, advertising agencies, travel agencies, restaurants, associations, service and spare-parts businesses, land consolidation units, municipalities, telephone operators, TV companies, health and wellbeing businesses, workshops, road administration authorities, tens of national and international listed companies, the Finnish State, etc.

Wasa ST-Invest Ltd Oy
Wasa ST-Invest Ltd Oy